We build people through dance

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide a well-rounded, positive, and technically correct dance education while encouraging artistic expression, character development, and service.

Connect for a Cause

Involving our children in service is one of the factors that sets Eagle Rock Dance apart from the rest.  Instilling a love of our community, creating a culture of honest service, and allowing our dancers the opportunities to give back for all they are so blessed with is one of our core values. 

Happy Dancers and Parents

  • My daughter has grown up dancing at Eagle Rock for the past 5 years. The teachers are more than teachers, they have become mentors to each and every one of the girls at the studio. The variety of classes that are offered at Eagle Rock is unmatched, tap, jazz, ballet, acro even ballroom! Not only does Eagle Rock give the dancers the most progressive choreography, but they teach the dancers how to be good participants in a competitive setting. Thank you Eagle Rock for everything you have done for my daughter, and all that I know you will do!

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    Connie Goodwin
  • Eagle Rock Dance is an amazing studio. I love how they focus working with their kids on being well-rounded and have great instructors. Highly recommend.

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    Bryan Magleby
  • Carrie and all the staff and instructors at Eagle Rock Dance are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for a better studio for my daughter to be involved with.

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    Kendra DeFilippis
  • My daughter has been dancing with Eagle Rock Dance for 5 years and we have had nothing but the most amazing experience! The teachers at Eagle Rock really do want what is best for your dancer!

    At Eagle Rock it isn't just about dance, but the DANCER! They have a monthly core value that the teachers talk about too. This staff is there to raise some stand out people. Not only does Eagle Rock strive to give the dancers the most cutting edge choreography, but Eagle Rock Dance also teaches the dancers how to be good sports in a competitive environment, which as a parent I believe is just as important!

    The variety of classes that are offered at Eagle Rock is out of this world, from the typical tap, jazz, ballet to in house acro program and ballroom! I couldn't have asked for a better studio for my daughter to grow up in.

    Like I have said, we have only been with Eagle Rock Dance for 5 years, but I can't wait to see the amazing person my child will turn into! Thank you Eagle Rock!

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    Connie Goodwin
  • My daughter has been dancing at Eagle Rock Dance for just one year and I cannot believe how much she has improved in both technique and performance quality. The instructors are fantastic and provide quality education while still making it fun. My daughter loves going to dance!

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    Katy Paskett
  • Eagle Rock has a very large and vibrant program. Yet, the director has a very special ability to make every girl feel so important and love individually. Dance has been such an important part of my daughters life for so many years. Our family loves Eagle Rock Dance.

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    Ammon Hartner

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