Carrie and all the staff and instructors at Eagle Rock Dance are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for a better studio for my daughter to be involved with.

Kendra DeFilippis

My daughter has been dancing with Eagle Rock Dance for 5 years and we have had nothing but the most amazing experience! The teachers at Eagle Rock really do want what is best for your dancer!

At Eagle Rock it isn't just about dance, but the DANCER! They have a monthly core value that the teachers talk about too. This staff is there to raise some stand out people. Not only does Eagle Rock strive to give the dancers the most cutting edge choreography, but Eagle Rock Dance also teaches the dancers how to be good sports in a competitive environment, which as a parent I believe is just as important!

The variety of classes that are offered at Eagle Rock is out of this world, from the typical tap, jazz, ballet to in house acro program and ballroom! I couldn't have asked for a better studio for my daughter to grow up in.

Like I have said, we have only been with Eagle Rock Dance for 5 years, but I can't wait to see the amazing person my child will turn into! Thank you Eagle Rock!

Connie Goodwin

My daughter has grown up dancing at Eagle Rock for the past 5 years. The teachers are more than teachers, they have become mentors to each and every one of the girls at the studio. The variety of classes that are offered at Eagle Rock is unmatched, tap, jazz, ballet, acro even ballroom! Not only does Eagle Rock give the dancers the most progressive choreography, but they teach the dancers how to be good participants in a competitive setting. Thank you Eagle Rock for everything you have done for my daughter, and all that I know you will do!

Connie Goodwin

Eagle Rock has a very large and vibrant program. Yet, the director has a very special ability to make every girl feel so important and love individually. Dance has been such an important part of my daughters life for so many years. Our family loves Eagle Rock Dance.

Ammon Hartner

You won’t find a studio more focused on positivity and continual improvement. The core values system that Eagle Rock Dance has implemented is producing phenomenal dancers as well as kind, hard-working, and respectful human beings. Instructors are encouraged to continue learning and training so as to provide the best possible dance education to the students. If you’re looking for a studio that provides a well rounded and high quality dance education while also focusing on important personal values, consider Eagle Rock Dance!

Madissen Fujimoto

My daughter has loved Katie and Carrie at Eagle Rock Dance! It has been soooo refreshing to be able to communicate openly with her teachers and see the love and genuine interest they have for my daughter.

Emily Hoge

My daughter has been dancing at Eagle Rock Dance for just one year and I cannot believe how much she has improved in both technique and performance quality. The instructors are fantastic and provide quality education while still making it fun. My daughter loves going to dance!

Katy Paskett

Eagle Rock Dance is an incredible studio with the highest quality dance technique offered in all styles of dance! The instructors are top notch, super experienced & qualified and honestly care for each individual dancer. Not only do they want them to achieve their highest potential as a dancer but want them to grow as a person at the same time. This is achieved by their amazing core value program that is implemented into the dance curriculum. A new value is taught every month. My kids have benefited hugely from their experiences here and know they are loved and cared for which has made all the difference!

Jessica Zaugg

The core values at Eagle Rock are unlike any other studio in the area. All their instructors are educated and focused on helping the students be the best dancers and people they can. There is change and growth always happening at the studio for both the students and the teachers, along with it being a very safe environment and welcoming community.

Ashley Case

The instructors and staff are excellent!!! They clearly love what they do. Fantastic technique. They offer a variety of classes to meet each dancers needs and interests.

Kristen Blakley

Great learning environment for kids of all ages. Improve on your dance skills, flexibility and overall physical health while simultaneously working on life skills (leadership, teamwork, accountability, responsibility and inclusivity).

Shawn Hermann

Hands down best dance studio in the area, my daughters been participating in Eagle rock dances performing arts program for going on 9 years now. ERD has in every way helped shape her love for dance and given her more opportunities then she could have ever imagined. From life long friendships, community service, a wide variety of the different styles in performing arts to learning from so many different famous dancers/choreographers. We wouldnt trade this dance family for anything.

Sarah Withrow

We absolutely love Eagle Rock Dance. My daughter dances non stop and has improved so much here. She has grown more with this company in a few short months than she did with years at her previous company. We are so excited to see what her future holds with this company!

Megan Law

It's refreshing for a studio to be concerned not only with excellence in technique and as a well rounded dancer, but excellence as a friend, teammate, and competitor. These instructors pour their heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into you child's development as a dancer and as a human being. You won't find better in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area.

Benjamin Klipfel

Eagle Rock Dance is an amazing studio. I love how they focus working with their kids on being well-rounded and have great instructors. Highly recommend.

Bryan Magleby

I honestly never saw myself as a dance mom, but 3 years ago we put our daughter in a class at Eagle Rock Dance just for fun and fell in love with the studio! They have something to offer for everyone, their prices are great and they provide evening classes for working mamas! Everyone is treated like family, the instructors are amazing and I love how often the kids get to perform! Not only is our daughter becoming a beautiful little dancer but has learned so many other fundamental lessons that will help carry her through life. I’ve developed some awesome friendships as well and my husband has even gotten involved doing daddy daughter dances! I’m now proud to call myself an official ERD Dance Mom and can’t wait to continue to watch our little girl as she heads into her 4th season with the studio!

Hailey Tyler

My daughter has been dancing at ERD since she was 3 years old. She started with the basics and participated in a positive, friendly environment. This last dance season she grew immensely on a competition team and gained so many skills, strengths, and performing abilities. She loves her teachers and the studio. We are so grateful for an incredible dance community where all dancers can continue to grow and feel accomplished. I highly recommend ERD!

Amy Roberts

Our family moved studios to go to Eagle Rock. My daughter had lost her passion and love for dance and we were hopeful that Eagle Rock would provide the culture that is expected when so much time and money is invested in your child's activities. What we have experienced: professionalism, extremely organized, outstanding dance instruction for all genres, over the top team oriented both with team support and family support, promoting (actually demanding) team relationships, knowledgeable, kind and dedicated administrative help.  As a family we feel welcome and part of a team. My daughter has a  renewed love for dance, made many wonderful friends and has improved immensely from the instruction. Exactly what a team is supposed to be!! So happy we went with Eagle Rock!

Shelly Shea

Eagle Rock Dance allows all dancers to become well-trained in a variety of styles of dance. They are encouraged to express and challenge themselves to achieve new levels of technique. We have watched our girl transition from being shy and restrained onstage to one who is confident and full of a vitality that is so exquisitely her own. Training and expertise like this cannot be found anywhere else in Idaho Falls nor the surrounding areas. In addition, Carrie brings the perfect amount of discipline and energy to motivate her dancers to become better dancers, but also develop a passion for dance. Not only do they focus on teaching their students to love dance but to also love themselves as they are and encourages self worth and assurance which is so appreciate as parents. Eagle Rock Dance creates a welcoming and enriching environment for dancers of all levels and their families to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Heidi Brendle

We love Eagle Rock Dance! Carrie and all of the instructors are so great! They make my daughter not only feel loved but honestly care about helping her improve her dance techniques and helping her grow as a person. I love the core value program that they have implemented in with dancing each day! The studio feels like one big family and the friendships they make are sure to last forever!

Emily Austin

My daughter just loves Eagle Rock Dance and her wonderful classes and teachers. She has not only grown as a dancer, but also as a person. She loves the versatility of the classes and the no high stress attitude. My daughter especially loves how the instructors genuinely want the best for their dancers! We love ERD!

Kristen Burns

Eagle rock dance has been the most amazing experience for my little girl. She has learned a variety of dances along with great technique. She loves going and her teachers are so loving and kind and really push her to be her best. It is such a positive atmosphere and you can tell they really care about you. Choosing Eagle Rock Dance was the best decision we made.

Natalee Groberg great its time to please it.

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