At Eagle Rock Dance, the health and safety of our faculty and students are our most important priorities.

As COVID-19 continues to spread and affect many parts of the U.S., we have been closely monitoring local conditions.  According to national and local recommendations avoiding social gatherings of groups of more than 10 people, we have determined that it is in the best interest of our faculty and families to temporarily suspend LIVE classes beginning Wednesday, March 18 to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Our team of office personnel and instructors have been working for the last 5 days in anticipation of this to continue to bring high-quality, enthusiastic, and loving dance instruction to your children.  It is with much excitement that we roll out our virtual and online classes!  Please read the following information carefully.

1 – All classes will be held via ZOOM at their normally scheduled days and times.

2 – Download the free ZOOM app on any device you would like your children to tune into class on; laptop, home computer, tablet, iPad, etc.  You do not need to create an account.  Just download the app!

3 – Each night between 8-9 PM, you will receive an email for each one of the classes your dancer is registered for the following day (multiple emails for multiple classes or dancers from the same family).  Click on the link for each class 1-2 minutes before each class begins.  


Each room at the studios (both Idaho Falls and Rigby) has its own ZOOM account.  The accounts correspond with the name of the studio (for example; Legacy, Create, Imagine, Succeed, Inspire, and Believe in Idaho Falls and Studio 1 and Studio 2 in Rigby).  Virtual classes are held in the same “room” they are normally held in.  Instructors teach in the same room they normally teach in.  Instructors will open a ZOOM meeting a few minutes before a class is scheduled to start, the dancers click the link in their email to join the meeting, the instructor sees all their sweet little faces, and teaches class!  At the end of the class, the instructor ends the meeting and goes to the next “room” to log in to the next class. Pretty smart, huh?!?!  Best part…you don’t even need to worry about all of that…just click your link!🤗


A – Just like a homeschool or online learning course, create your learning environment.  Decide where your dancer is going to take class at home.  Move aside a table, a couch, etc, MOVE ALL WIRES.  Have your dancer pick this space and make it ready! Excitement builds!

B – Dancers must be in their normal dance clothing.  Instructors are taking attendance as they see their cute little faces and will check for dance clothing.  This is to make our dancers feel as “normal” as possible and get them in the right frame of mind for class.

C – If your dancer is old enough, show them how to use the “mute/unmute” button or “raise their hand” to talk to their instructor.  This is fun for them!  And super simple.  Younger dancers may need mom to help them with this button or even take class with them. 💖

D – If you have difficulty obtaining enough devices for multiple children or don’t have the Internet resources to facilitate this, please let us know immediately.  We have a team full of people who are here to help anyone with anything they may need.

E – Our office staff is on standby for any of your questions should you have any trouble getting into any meetings.  Their numbers are below.

Cherish Martin – 208-520-5088
Danielle Pitt – 801-897-6272
Amanda Jordan – 208-589-7034

F – If you have friends within a class that want to take class together, we would encourage that as long as we are practicing the recommendations of no gatherings of more than 10 people.  This may help some of you who typically are at work during class time.  Refer to the attached schedule for any questions on class start and end times.

It is our COMMITMENT to not only continue to provide you with high quality, enthusiastic, and loving dance instruction, but to absolutely EXCEED your expectations of service at this time.  We need to maintain activity and normalcy at this time for our children.  We are going to provide you with MULTIPLE resources in order to do this.  In addition to live-streamed classes at our regular times, look for these additional resources this week.

1 – Facebook groups have been created for every team.  Every group is a SOCIAL LEARNING GROUP.  Instructors are in the process of posting the videos of dances for our youngest classes in those groups under FILES so they are easily accessed, and you don’t have to scroll to find dances.

2 – The studio is pre-recording so much content that is being added to our website.  Need your dancers entertained for 10 minutes while you do the dishes?  Click on our stretching video, and have them stretch at home.  Need them to expend some energy?  Click on our warm-up video, and have them get out the wiggles.  New content added daily.

3 – Watch our social media for Storytime with Miss Carrie, TikTok Challenges, free online classes with industry leaders, links to activities at home, and more!

4 – Keep an eye on the mail as several of our dancers will receive a weekly practice chart and coloring sheet in the mail.  Knock out your practice sheet and look for a prize in the mail the following week with that week’s practice chart and coloring sheet!

In the meantime, competition and recital dates remain unchanged.  We will continue to monitor the situation, and should emergency directions be issued, we will update you accordingly.  

Thank you for taking the appropriate steps with us to lessen the risk to our incredible community as much as possible.  We plan to return to normal as quickly as we possibly can. We greatly appreciate your support during these challenging times.

At our studio, we care about our families and will do the right thing given the current recommendations.  Our job is to display confident and compassionate leadership while reducing fear for our dancers and providing our services.
As conditions change, we will communicate in the following order; staff, clientele, social media and website.
Tuesday, March 17 will be the last day of live classes at this time. 
We do have a plan in place for online classes which will begin Wednesday, March 18. You will receive this information in a separate studio wide email within the next 24 hours. 
We are committed to exceed all previous customer service!  We will be this here for your child to maintain as much activity and normalcy in their lives as possible.  We can all get through this time together and keep the healthy growth of our kiddos in mind.  Please review our policies if you have any questions. 
Thank you to all of you for your continued support of our programs.  We appreciate your patronage and value your children and our relationships with you.  Please stay healthy and safe.  
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