Everything is Better With a Little Sparkle!

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There’s not much that a little sparkle can’t fix! Do you have a slightly boring dance outfit? Add some rhinestones! Is your school art project just a little bit blah? Use glitter glue! Is your Halloween costume on the plain side? Slap some sequins on that thing! It is the same for adults; our day can’t help but get a little bit better when we add a touch of our own grownup “sparkle”. We feel the afternoon dip and we stop at our favorite soda shop for a midday pick me up. We walk in the door after a long day and slip on our well-worn pajama pants. And once in a while, for just a moment we slide into a sudsy bath (insert mood music, a lit candle or two and a good book – if only in our imagination). Yes, there is just not much that a little sparkle can’t add to our day!

Most children dance classes are pretty run of the mill. You can go to several reputable studios in any given town and pretty much get fairly the same thing; an enthusiastic instructor (if you’re lucky, maybe even an educated one), a concrete foundation of basic technical skills, an opportunity for little ones to expand socially and even a few good stage experiences with adorable costumes, proud parents and grandparents, and even a couple of good shots for your latest social media post.

So, what makes our program stand out from the others? What solidifies a love of the beautiful art that is dance in the mind of a child? Well, everything is better with a little sparkle, right? Introducing… the “Sparkle Society”!

The “Sparkle Society” is a brand-new program at Eagle Rock Dance designed to engage and motivate our preschool and lower elementary school dancers in a visual and complementary way. Our younger dancers thrive on rewards, vibrancy, and FUN! We are injecting our classes with colorful praise you can see and infusing our dancers with a passion for dance inspiration for progression.

Let me explain!

In conjunction with our Parent Observation Week on or near the first week of the month, we will be holding “Sparke Society Week”. Each month will have a specific theme for that week, often relating to the season, upcoming holiday or event, or one of the Eagle Rock Dance monthly core values. Your dancer will receive his or her own Eagle Rock Dance knapsack exclusively for Sparkle Society. We encourage your dancer to utilize this bag as their shoe bag. On Sparkle Society Week, your dancer will receive a ribbon that will be hooked to their knapsack with a metal ring. The ribbon signifies their attendance and participation in Sparkle Society Week. On a weekly basis, each dancer will receive a “sparkly” rhinestone that we will adhere to their ribbon to encourage consistency in their attendance, resulting in maximum dance progress and overall enjoyment of the experience.

So what exactly happens during Sparkle Society Week? A whole lot of fun which will increase dance skills and the love of dance! Get ready for a dance party based atmosphere centered around the theme of the month with creative activities, innovative teaching designed to absorb technical dance skills, and a whole lotta SPARKLE!

Don’t miss our upcoming Sparkle Society Week! We are kicking this program off in November 2019 and all of us at Eagle Rock Dance can’t wait to sparkle and shine with your dancers!

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