Abbey Pincock

Elite & Intermediate Department Head/Instructor

Abbey Pincock is an award winning dancer and choreographer who knew in high school that dance is what she was supposed to invest in. She is trained in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz. She has coached drill teams and at local studios spreading her love of dance. Abbey has choreographed many award winning solos, studio routines, and drill team routines. She loves traveling to different conventions around the US to stay current and continue her growth. Abbey is currently in her tenth year at Eagle Rock Dance and specializes in children’s classes, elite teams, and technique classes. Abbey is the leading force to make sure we offer our studio family opportunities to serve in the community, and also wrote the ERD staff a values curriculum to continue growing our students in every way possible. She believes the dance is more than just dance and values instilling more than just a strong technical base for every student she works with. Outside of dance Abbey enjoys her amazing husband and 3 (almost 4) children.

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