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Dancer Spotlight


Keeli Pamela Miller has been dancing with Eagle Rock since 2012, making this her sixth year of dance. In the beginning, at age 3, it was a way to get her wiggles out and give her something to look forward to during the week but now dancing is something she loves doing and puts a lot of her time and effort into. Keeli has never been afraid of performing on stage, you can always spot her on stage because she usually has a huge smile on her face. There's something about being onstage dancing that makes Keeli so happy, which is why we continue to support her with her love for dance. It has been amazing to watch Keeli grow through the years from Little Performers to now an Emerald, we are excited to see where she excels to next. Outside of dance, Keeli just got done with her first year of Drama Club at her school, she was an orphan in the play “Annie” and of course, Keeli did a great job because she has been prepped at her years at Eagle Rock of how to perform on stage.

Some things you might not know about Keeli:
spends ½ of her time at her dads house and ½ of her time at her moms house
LOVES chocolate
is the BEST older sister, has a younger sister and brother
loves to sing
goes hunting with dad in the fall, can shoot a .22 and a bow and arrow pretty dang good
wants to grow her hair all the way to her bum, donated 9” of hair to "locks of love" when she was 6
loves riding 4-wheelers and dirt bikes

We are so proud of Keeli and how she continues to excel in everything she puts her mind to!!


Kelli is the cutest little performer! She is sweet and kind to everyone on her team!!- Mrs. Katie

Keeli has a heart of gold and is such a joy to have in every class!!- Miss Stettson 

My favorite thing about Keeli is that she is always smiling! If she ever has a bad day, she does not bring it into practice. She seems to be very aware of other peoples feelings and treats them sweetly. I can be tough on her and technique class and she takes every constructive comment with a smile! Miss Carrie 

I have loved watching Keeli grow from year to year, and her smile always melts me! Mrs. Abbey






Cedar Herrmann

Cedar started at Eagle Rock Dance in 2011.  He did hip hop for a year and then decided to take a year off. He regretted that decision once he saw the routines during competition, so he started dancing again in 2013. This is his first year doing any type of dance other than hip hop. Cedar also loves to play football and baseball, and has played basketball and wrestled. He likes to dance because he loves music and he likes the friends he's made through dance.

"I love that Cedar loves to dance! I would be way too embarrassed to get on a stage unless I already knew that I would be flawless and perfect. But not Cedar, he will run out on the stage and do his thing without worrying what everyone else will think. Nobody has ever improved at anything by caving into their fears and insecurities, only by continuing to learn from past mistakes and trying again and again." Jaymi Herrmann





McKinlee Beard, also known as Kinlee, started dancing at Eagle Rock Dance at age 3...we had no idea what it would turn into. Dance is her passion and love. From the young age of three she was so excited and it was the highlight of her week. Now, 7 years later she has progressed and is dancing at the elite level, committing 3-4 nights every week to practice and traveling to conventions and competition. She loves learning and growing and being challenged. McKinlee often tells people Eagle Rock Dance is her home because she is there more than our house. (giggling while saying it) Her favorite dance styles are hip hop and musical theater.

    Outside of dance she loves spending time with her family camping and being outdoors, reading, playing card and board games. McKinlee is very intelligent and excels in school. She is determined to be great in whatever she has committed to. She loves to teach others, especially younger kids. McKinlee is a great blessing to have in our lives and we consider ourselves lucky to be her parents. - Parents of McKinlee



"I've never ever seen her complain or have a bad attitude about anything!" Samantha Davis


"She has an open mind, a kind heart, and is so strong mentally and physically. She's also very creative with her improv and applies corrections crazy fast." Stettson Tetley


"She is fiercely loyal and protective of her peers, friends, and teammates. She is smart and constantly looking for a challenge herself." Carrie Ragan McCarty


"She works hard no matter where she is placed in any formation." Evynn Bronson


""McKinlee is such a hardworking, determined student. She never complains or asks to sit out. She comes to class on time, participates fully, and is teachable. She has always been one to tough it out in mu acro classes. I trust her as a line leader regularly because she is always attentive and one that I see as a strong leader." Melissa Klipfel


"She is always kind and patient with younger dancers." Cherish Watts Martin


"McKinlee is kind, works hard and I can tell she loves to dance.  She's a pleasure to have in ballet class and I'm so excited to see her grow into the amazing dancer she's meant to be!" Madison McCombs Fujimoto


"McKinlee's work ethic is something that inspires other dancers around her. Her positivity is infectious and her quirky sense of humor is one of my favorite things!" Abbey Pincock 





Addy Stucki

Addy Mae, also known as Addyson, has been blessed to be able to dance with her 2 biological sisters as well as her dance sisters for the last 4 years. She is obsessed with dancing and is constantly doing cartwheels, turns, and leaps everywhere she goes. She also is able to participate in the language immersion program at school and is almost fluent in Spanish, even though she is shy to share this hidden talent. She is also busy learning the art of playing the piano. She is a busy girl and an awesome friend and amazing sister to all she comes in contact with




Emilie Brewster


Emilie started dancing before she could stand without assistance. She started shaking it to the music in Grease and never stopped. When we were about to move to Idaho Falls, she chose Eagle Rock after watching Eagle Rock kill it at Western States.
Outside of Dance, Emilie loves school and hanging with her friends. She doesn’t have time for much else and wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves her Dance home and family.



Hannah Smith

Hannah has been dancing since she could shake her bum in her car seat; and started dancing with Eagle Rock over three years ago. What started out as just one class a week has blossomed into a love for competitive dance and begging to take as many classes as possible. Eagle Rock has become Hannah’s second home with dancers and teachers becoming an extension of her family. Through dance she has learned that she can do things she thought were, “way too hard!” and that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

Outside of dance she also shares a passion with her dad for the love of the outdoors. When she’s not in the dance studio her and her little brother can almost always be found outside working horses with their dad, hiking, fishing, or planning their next adventure.

This year Hannah is incredibly excited to share her fun and sassy personality through a musical theater duet with her best friend, and is hoping to win a trophy as tall as she is! Overall her goal for the upcoming year is to learn and grow in her newest adventure as an elite dancer; while she continues to peruse her dream of becoming, “a dance teacher like Miss Carrie.”


hannah-horse.jpgthumbnail_hannah dance 2.jpg



 Maddy Martin

Maddy's one true passion has always been dance. She has been blessed to train at Eagle Rock Dance for the last 11 years. From the young age of three it was clear the dance floor was her home and it was where she found her greatest pleasure. Whether she is performing, competing, or dancing just for herself you can see how much it means to her. Maddy is constantly training and taking advantage of any opportunity she can to better herself as a dancer and performer. Her hours of hard work and dedication are evident every time she takes the dance floor. Dance has given Maddy numerous opportunities and experiences. Whether its traveling to Chicago to audition for SYTYCD, to Vegas for the Dance Awards, or performing live, on stage with a 100-person choir and a 45-piece orchestra, or the many conventions, competitions, and camps she has been to through out the Western United States she has made lifelong friend and amazing memories.

Because of her passion she was approached by the National Tween Clothing Store Justice  to be an inaugural ambassador for their company.  Maddy is promoted on their websites, social media platforms, and in many in store appearances. Justice hopes that in sharing Maddy's story, it will help other girls find their passion. Maddy just renewed her contract with Justice for 2017 and they have many new and exciting projects coming up. Maddy has also been chosen by BE YOU dancewear to be an ambassador for their dance socks and apparel. She is also a MS HYPE brand rep for their Move Society line of dance apparel. She has also had the honor of modeling for BElieve in YOURself Dancer's Challenge in their competition clothing. Maddy is grateful for these amazing opportunities and the people, and teachers that have made them possible. She looks forward to continuing to train as a Legacy Elite Member at Eagle Rock Dance and for many new opportunities and experiences to come.





Madison Allen

Madison has been dancing at Eagle Rock Dance since she was 5. The last 8 years have been full of learning. She is creative and loves anything art. Eagle Rock Dance has been a creative outlet for her to express herself through emotion and movement. The qualified instructors have helped her build a foundation of skills to build on. She's becoming a beautiful dancer.
In addition to dance, Madison has learned many other things. She's learned to believe in herself and that she's capable of doing hard things. She's learned teamwork and to work hard. She's learned to accept defeat and celebrate success of her own and others. She's learned to never give up. She's learned to dream big.
She's been able to attend top notch dance conventions and conventions around the area with Eagle Rock Dance. The hours of learning from incredible instructors from around the globe and competing have been so valuable to her dance education.
This year, Madison has set some very big goals for herself. She's met some of them and also experienced some disappointment.
One of her goals was to represent a dancewear company. She's had the wonderful experience to represent Soel Dancewear, a company that makes fashion-forward and comfortable dancewear. Besides receiving free dancewear, she had the incredible experience of modeling for them. She got to spend time with other amazing dancers around the area.
This last summer Madison was also able to attend auditions for the hit reality show, "Dance Moms." This included a master class with Abby Lee Miller. She was able to dance with Peyton, Maesi, Alexus, and Guy Groove.  It was a fun and memorable experience.
Madison loves to be involved and the confidence she's learned at dance helped her to make the 8th grade cheerleading team at her school for next year.
She looks forward to auditions at Eagle Rock Dance in May 2017 and hopes to make an elite team. She loves her dance family and it's a second home for her. It's a place that she looks forward to going to. A place that is dear to her heart. It's been a wonderful experience to be part of Eagle Rock Dance.