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Competition Results


Rockie Mountain Dance Classic 2019 

Solo Results 
Ellie Keeley-Platinum
Taya Johnson-Platinum
Ashlyn Burns-Platinum
Serena Salas-Platinum
Morgan Hope-Platinum
Madalynn Martin-Platinum
Hailee Fell-Platinum
Hannah, Tessley, Mandy-Platinum
Rowyn Goodwin-Platinum
Avery Cannon-Platinum
Madelyn Klipfel-Platinum
Emma Klipfel-Platinum
Kenadie Martin-Platinum 
Nicole Miller-High Gold
Lexi St. Clair-Platinum
Lainee Watts-Platinum
Overall Novice High Point-Rowyn Goodwin
Overall Advanced High Point-Madalynn Martin
Overall High Point Trio- Hannah, Tessley, Mandy

Dance Down Winners
Ages 7-10- Kenadie Martin
Ages 11-13 Emma Klipfel

Team Results
Rubies "Seasons of Love"- High Gold
Rubies "Sing, Sing, Sing"-Gold
Emeralds "Joint is Jumpin"- High Gold
Emeralds "You Will Be Found"- High Gold
Dynamite "Mermaid Party"- High Gold
Diamonds "Dose"-High Gold
Diamonds "Toxic"- High Gold
Diamonds "Came Here For Love"- Gold

Judges Choice Musical Interpretation- Emeralds Lyrical "You Will Be Found"


Aspire Dance Pro 2019

Tessley, Mandy, Hannah-Ruby
Kenadie & Logan- Diamond
Madelyn Klipfel-Ruby
Lexi St. Clair- Ruby
Kenadie Martin- Diamond 
Serena Salas- Diamond and 1st Place Category 
Emma Klipfel-Diamond and 1st Place Category 
Hayley Hartner-Diamond
Avery Cannon-Diamond and 1st Place Category
Kaydnce Peterson-Ruby and 1st Place Category 
Taya Johnson-Diamond and 1st Place Category 
Hailee Fell-Diamond and 1st Place Category
Madalynn Martin-Diamond and 1st Place Category
Abbey Anderson-Ruby

Kenadie and Logan-High Point Duet
Serena Salas- High Point Junior Amateur 
Taya Johnson-High Point Teen Intermediate 
Hailee Fell -High Point Elite Advanced
Madalynn Martin- Overall High Point Entire Day


Technical Moves 2019

Overalls And Judges Choice
Rubies- "Seasons of Love" High Score Mini Nov.
Dynamite- "Mermaid Party" High Score Petite Nov.
Emeralds-"Joint Is Jumping" High Score Junior Beg.
Petites-"Imagine" High Score Mini Beg.
Petites- "Cold Hearted Snaked" High Score Mini Beg.
Minis- "Hopelessly Devoted" Petite High Score Int.
Minis-"Mambo No. 5" Overall Petite High Score all level
Select Line Mi/Jr- "May I Have This Dance" Junior High Score Int.
Tns/Srs- "Luxury Of Dirt" High Score Senior Adv.
Seniors-"Hold" High Score Senior Adv.
Select Line Tn/Sr- "White Blanket" Overall Senior High Score All Levels
Judges Choice Best Technique- Seniors "Hold"

Little Gems-"Million Dreams" High Gold
Little Gems-"Time Of My Life" High Gold
Legacy Gems-"Say A Prayer" High Gold
Legacy Gems- "Miss Spectacular" High Gold
Clash-"Pump It" High Gold
Rubies-"Seasons Of Love" Platinum 
Rubies- "Sing, Sing, Sing" High Gold
Dynamite-"Mermaid Party" Platinum 
Emeralds-"Joint is Jumpin" High Gold
Emeralds-"You Will Be Found" High Gold
Diamonds-"Came Here For Love" High Gold
Diamonds- "Toxic" High Gold
Diamonds-"Dose" Gold
Petites-"Imagine" Platinum 
Petites-"Cold Hearted Snake" Platinum 
Petites-"Love Me Not" High Gold
Minis-"Mambo No. 5" Platinum 
Minis-"Hoplessly Devoted" Platinum
Minis-"You Are A Toy" Platinum 
Minis-"Bird Set Free" Platinum 
Select Line-"May I Have This Dance" Platinum 
Juniors-"Jumanji" High Gold
Juniors-"Straight Outta Oz" Platinum 
Juniors-"Tendoroni" Platinum
Juniors- "Flight" Platinum
Teens-"Hornets Nest" High Gold
Teens-"Sad Mood" Platinum
Tn/Sr-"Shirt You Used To Like" High Gold
Tn/Sr- "Just Janet" High Gold
Tn/Sr- "Foreign" High Gold
Tn/Sr- Luxury of Dirt" Platinum 
Seniors-"Hold" Platinum 
Seniors- "Think" Platinum 
Select Line- "White Blanket" Platinum

"Choo Choo"- Platinum and High Score
"Best Shot"-Platinum


Grace High Gold
Nicole High Gold
Madelyn High Gold 
Alexis Stucki High Gold and Judges Choice Originality 
Lexi St. Clair High Gold
Shaylynn High Gold
Kenadie Platinum High Score Mini
Rowyn High Gold
Ellie High Gold
Lainee High Gold
Avery High Gold
Kirra High Gold
Emma K Platinum High Score Overall Junior
Serena High Gold
Hayley Platinum High Score Junior
Emerysn High Gold
Morgan High Gold
Madison High Gold
Taya High Gold
Ashlyn Platinum High Score Senior
Bella Jazz High Gold
Melissa High Gold
Bella Contemp High Gold Judges Choice Interpretation 
Madalynn Platinum Judges Choice Best Costume
Madyson High Gold
Jordyn Platinum High Score Overall Senior
Adyson High Gold
Kenadie and Logan Platinum High Score Duet
Hailee Platinum High Score Senior
Robbie & Kinlee Platinum Judges Showmanship
Emma & Emma Platinum
Abbey Platinum 
Maraina Anthony High Gold


24 Seven Dance Results 2019

Sidekick Soloists and Trio
Kenadie Martin-2nd Overall, High Gold
Grace Blakely- 6th Overall, Gold
Madelyn Klipfel-7th Overall, Gold
Shaylynn Burke-9th Overall, Gold
Alexis Stucki-Gold
Lexi St. Clair- Gold
Mandy, Tessley, Hannah- 1st Overall duo/trio, High Gold

Mini Solos, Duos, Trios
Kenadie and Logan-2nd Overall, High Gold
Robbie and McKinlee- 3rd Overall, High Gold
Addy, Savannah, Brecklee-Gold
Brylie Trejo- 8th Overall, Gold
Avery Cannon-Gold

Junior Solos, Duos
Hayley Hartner-Gold
Emma Klipfel-Gold
Kirra McCarty-Gold
Maraina and Anthony-High Score Duet, High Gold
Emma and Emma-Gold

Teen Solos
Adelyn Trejo- Tied 5th Overall, High Gold
Madalynn Martin-Tied 5th Overall, High Gold
Bella Davis-High Gold
Taya Johnson-High Gold
Ashlyn Burns-High Gold
Adyson Jordan-Gold
Melissa McLean-Gold
Mady Parkinson-Gold
Kaydnce Peterson-Gold

Senior Solos
Luke Phillips-9th Overall High Gold
Jordyn Crane-High Gold
Libby Bailey-High Gold
Abbey Anderson-Gold
Hailee Fell-Gold

Hold-High Gold and Studio Showcase Winner
Aretha- High Gold 

Sad Mood-High Gold
Hornet's Nest- Gold

Tendoroni- High Gold, 2nd Overall Junior Line, 11'oclock Winner 
Straight Out Of Oz-High Gold, High Score Junior Hip Hop, 1st Overall Junior Extended Line
Flight-HIgh Gold, 2nd Overall Extended Line
May I Have This Dance-Gold

Hopelessly Devoted- High Gold, 1st Mini Overall Line, 1st Overall Musical Theatre, and Mini 11 o'clock Winner
Mambo No. 5 -High Gold, 2nd Overall Mini Line, 1st Overall Mini Jazz 
Bird Set Free-Gold, 3rd Overall Mini Line
You Are A Toy-1st Overall Mini Hip Hop

Cold Hearted Snake- 1st Overall Sidekick Line and High Score for Sidekick Jazz
Imagine- 3rd Overall Sidekick Line
Love Me Love Me Not-High Score Sidekick Hip Hop
Gold adjudication for all 3 routines!! 


Foreign-High Gold

Just Janet-High Gold

Shirt You Used To Like-High Gold

Luxury Of Dirt-High Gold



Libby Bailey Senior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
McKinlee Beard Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Kendra Behrend High Five in Jazz Winner
Haileigh Bertram Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Emilie Brewster High Five in Jazz Winner
Evynn Bronson Senior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Avery Cannon High Five in Hip-Hop Winner
Jordyn Crane Senior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Bella Davis Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Brecklee Eddins High Five in Jazz Winner
Hailee Fell High Five in Jazz Winner
Emma Gooch Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Hayley Hartner High Five in Jazz Winner
Logan Herrmann High Five in Hip-Hop Winner
Logan Herrmann Weekend Warrior Winner
Savannah Herrmann High Five in Hip-Hop Winner
Emersyn Hughes High Five in Ballet Winner
Emma Klipfel Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Robbie Lenz Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Madalynn Martin Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Kirra McCarty High Five in Ballet Winner
Anthony Morales High Five in Tap Winner
Demee Neilson Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Luke Phillips Senior Male Non-Stop Dancer Winner
Maraina Saldana Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Addyson Stucki Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Adelyn Trejo Teen Female Non-Stop Dancer Winner
Brylie Trejo Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up
Kiana Zaugg High Five in Ballet Winner
Koa Zaugg Mini Female Non-Stop Dancer Runner-Up



NRG Nationals

Platinums and First Overalls-ALL ROUTINES!!

Hollywood Vibe 2018 Resutls

Adenly Trejo 2nd Overall Contemporary Juniors

Maddy Martin 3rd Overall Lyrical Teens

Barista Battle-Best Costume

Hairspray-1st Overall

East High-First Overall

Believe-2nd Overall

Infectious-First Overall And Judges Choice

Drum-2nd Overall and Judges Choice

I Won't Give In-3rd Overall Contemporary

Scholarships-Kenadie Martin, Anthony Morales, Emma Klipfel, Brylie Trejo, Adelyn Trejo, Ashlyn Burns




24 Seven Dance 2018 Results

Solos, Duets, Trios
Kenadie Martin-1st overall Sidekick Soloist
Grace Blakely-4th overall Sidekick Soloist
Lexi Stucki- 7th overall Sidekick Soloist
Logan, Kenadie, and Corinne- 1st Overall Sidekick Duo/Trio
Hannah and Tessley-3rd Overall Sidekick Duo/Trio
Emma Klipfel-6th Overall Mini Soloist
McKinlee Beard-7th Overall Minis Soloist
Adelyn Trejo-1st Overall Junior Soloist
Ava Boyle-9th Overall Junior Soloist
Anthony Morales-10th Overall Junior Soloist
Adelyn and Bella-1st Overall Duet
Madalynn Martin-8th Overall Teen Soloist
Bella Davis-9th Overall Teen Soloist
Luke Phillips-7th Overall Senior Soloist
Alma Alvarez-8th Overall Senior Soloist

Team Routines
Studio Showcase Routine
Legacy Elite Teens-Drum

11'0 clock Routines
Min/Jr -Barista Battle

Petites- Jet Plane 1st Overall
Petites-Cooties 3rd Overall
Minis-Ain't No Other Man 3rd Overall 
Juniors-Believe 3rd Overall
Mini/Jr-Barista Battle 1st Overall
Mini /Jr- Annie 2nd Overall
Teens-Misdeameanor 1st Overall
Jr/Tn-Wings 2nd Overall
Teens-East High-3rd Overall
Seniors-Stand For Something 2nd Overall
Seniors-The 1990's 3rd Overall

High Scores
Petites Jet Plane High Score Lyrical
Petites Cooties High Score Musical Theatre
Mini/Jr Barista Battle High Score Hip Hop
Teen Misdeameanor High Score Hip Hop
Jr/Teen Wings High Score Jazz
Teens East High High Score Musical Theatre
Seniors The 90's High Score Hip Hop
Seniors Hairspray High Score Musical Theatre

Mini Non Stop Dancer-Emma Klipfel
Mini Non Stop Dancer Runner Up- McKinlee Beard
Mini Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Kirra McCarty
Mini Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Robbie Lenz
Mini Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Koa Zaugg
Mini Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Brylie Trejo
Junior Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Adelyn Trejo
Teen Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Madalynn Martin
Senior Non Stop Dancer Runner Up-Alma Alvarez
Senior Non Stop Dancer- Luke Phillips
Weekend Warrior Brooke-Evynn Bronson
Weekend Warrior Jaci-Logan Hermann
High Five Tap-Kiana Zaugg
High Five Jazz-Mya Benson
High Five Jazz-Olivia Berrett
High Five Jazz-Haleigh Bertram
High Five Jazz- Lilee Bishop
High Five Jazz-Evynn Bronson
High Five Jazz-Hayley Hartner
High Five Jazz-Lizzy Russel
High Five Jazz-Addyson Stucki
High Five Ballet-Ava Boyle
High Five Ballet-Emilie Brewster
High Five Ballet-Bella Davis
High Five Ballet-Kambria Humphereys
High Five Hip Hop- Logan Hermmann
High Five Hip Hop-Anthony Morales
High Five Hip Hop-Maraina Saldaina


24 Seven Dance 2017 Results

24 Seven Highlights!!
We had an amazing weekend full of classes and competition. Here are just a few of the exciting things that happened.

-All routines received a High Gold or Gold adjudication

-Kenadie Martin was 3rd overall sidekick soloist

-Peyton Popwell and Hayley Hartner were 9th and 10th overall out of the mini soloists.

-Bella Davis and Addyson Jordan were 9th and 6th overall in the junior category

-Luke, Alma, Samantha, and McKenna were 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th overall in the senior category

-We had two duets that placed as 3rd overall

-The Seniors Cave was chosen as the Studio Showcase Routine and was 3rd overall senior group

-Minis Jazz and Contemporary routines tied for 2nd Overall group

-Beautiful Undone was 2nd overall junior line

-Escalate was the High Scoring Jazz routine out of all mini/junior routines

-Lemonade was 3rd overall junior extended line

-Panda Swine received 2nd overall Teen Extended Line

-Intuition was the 2nd overall high scoring Senior Line

-Grease Live was the high scoring Teen/Senior Musical Theatre

-Mini Non Stop dancer runner ups were Kinlee Beard, Addison Saxton, Maraina Saldana

-Junior Non Stop Dancer runner ups were Adelyn Trejo and Bella Davis

-Senior Non Stop Dancer runner ups were Samantha Davis and Sharee Morse

-Luke Phillips was the Senior Non Stop Dancer Winner

-High Five Scholarships were awarded to Mya Benson, Evyn Bronson, Brooklyn Conrad, Kaylie DeLeon, Hayley Hartner, Larissa Humpherys, Shelby Popwell, Payton Popwell, Ainslee Banta, Emilie Brewster, and Kirra McCarty,

For more details check them out at


Hollywood Vibe 2017 Results

Our Legacy Elite Teams and Lines had an AMAZING Weekend at Hollywood Vibe!! We had a jam packed weekend full of classes and competition. We are incredibly proud of our amazing dancers and can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!! Here is a small recap!!

Rule The World- Gold
When The Ship Goes Down- 3rd overall Junior Contemporary
Wonder Party-High Gold
Beautiful Undone-High Gold- 3rd overall Intermediate Contemporary and 5th overall Intermediate routine
Lemonade- 3rd Overall Intermediate Hip Hop and Judges Choice
Boss-High Gold
Escalate-High Gold-1st Overall Intermediate Jazz
Rise-High Gold
Surprise Yourself- High Gold- 3rd Overall Sr Contemporary
Intuition- High Gold
Pressure-Gold-1st Overall Senior Jazz
Grease Live-Gold-1st Overall Senior Muscial Theatre
The Cave-Gold

Adelyn Trejo-1st overall Intermediate Solo
Bella Davis-3rd overall Intermediate Solo
McKinlee Beard-3th overall Jr jazz

Luke Phillips-Senior male regional dancer of the year and LA Agency Award
Adelyn Treho- LA Agency Award and Regional Scholarship
Samantha Davis-Nationals scholarship
Shelby Popwell- LA Agency Award
Bella Davis-50% off Regionals Scholarship


Velocity Dance 2017

-All routines received a high gold or platinum adjudication
-Wonder Party-2nd Overall Junior Musical Theatre
-Surprise Yourself-2nd Overall Teen Contemporary
-Intuition-3rd Senior Lyrical and 9th Overall Teen Small Group
-Yeah, Yeah, Yeah-2nd Place Mini Jazz Group and 4th overall Mini routine
-Rise-2nd overall Contemporary Small Group and 4th overall Junior routine
-Escalate-2nd overall Junior Jazz and 3rd overall Junior Routine 

Kenadie Martin-3rd overall Mini Solo

Adelyn Trejo-1st overall Junior solo

Bella Davis-3rd overall Junior Solo 

Luke Phillips-10th overall Senior Solo

Kaitlin and Adyson-3rd overall Junior duet

Kaylie, Kinlee, Anthony-2nd overall contemporary and 6th overall 

Kenzie and Mikayla-4th overall Senior Duet

Sharee and Shalei-3rd overall Duet


Scholarship Recepients

Tinzley Poole

Kenadie Martin

Ellie Keeley

Adelyn Trejo

Adyson Jordan

Kaylie Deleon

Madyson Parkinson

Evynn Bronson

Shalei Schmid

Luke Phillips


Technical Moves 2017

-All routines received a Platinum or High Gold adjudication

Kenadie Martin-High Score Mini

Peyton Popwell-High Score Mini
Adelyn Trejo-High Score Junior
Bella Davis-High Score Junior
Samantha Davis-High Score Senior
Luke Phillips-High Score Senior
Kaylie, Kinlee, Anthony-High Score trio
Sharee and Shalei-High Score duet
Mikayla and Kenzie-High Score duet

Fabulous Saturday night with our incredible studio! So nice to have all of our competitive teams there! Check out our crazy high scoring! Definite competition sweep! ❤️our dancers and parents!

"The Cave" Platinum & 1st Place Judges Choice & 3rd Place People's Choice
"Beautiful Undone" Platinum & 3rd Place Judges Choice
"Surprise Yourself" Platinum & High Score Teen
"Ms Carter" Platinum & High Score Junior
"Intuition" Platinum & High Score Senior
"Ship Goes Down" Platinum & High Score Petitie
"Rule the World" Platinum & High Score Petite
"Bubble Gum Girl" Platinum & High Score Mini
"Goodbye" High Gold & High Score Senior & Best Technique
"Boss" High Gold & High Score Teen
"Let's Go to Disney" High Gold & High Score Petite
"Wonder Party" Platinum
"Do You Love Me" High Gold
"Grease LIVE" Platinum
"Broke a Check" High Gold
"King of the Jungle" High Gold
"Give into the Moment" High Gold
"Light Gets In" Platinum
"Rise" Platinum
"Panda Swine" High Gold
"It Gets Better" High Gold
"Throwback" High Gold
"Pressure" Platinum
"Lanterns Lit" High Gold
"Yeah Yeah" Platinum
"Dum Dee Dum" High Gold
"Wonderful World" High Gold
"Run the World" High Gold
"Escalate" Platinum
"Blowing Bubbles" High Gold


Gotta Move Results

Queens/King-Kenadie Martin, Peyton Popwell, Kirra McCarty, Kinlee Beard, Bella Davis, Madalynn Martin, Luke Phillips, Evyn Bronson, Alma Alvarez, Sharee and ShaLei, Antony, Kinlee, Kaylie, Kaitlin and Adyson,
1st-T'nya Poole, Shelby Popwell, Olivia Berrett, Addy Stucki, Ciara Gaches, Madison Popwell, Sharee and Shalei, Hayley Hartner, Adyson Jordan, Kaitlin Popwell
2nd-Madyson Parkinson, Madison Allen, Adyson Saxton,
3rd-Ashlynn Stucki
Best Costume-Ashlynn Stucki, Anthony, Kinlee, Kaylie,
Best Showmanship-Kenadie Martin, Peyton Popwell, Kinlee, Kaylie, and Anthony, Samantha Davis, T’nya Poole, Ashlynn Stucki
Best Choreography-Peyton Popwell, Adyson Saxton, Kinlee, Kaylie, and Anthony, Luke Phillips, Alma Alvarez, Samantha Davis, Ashlynn Stucki, Sharee and Shalei
Best Technique- Alma Alvarez, Luke Phillips, Kinlee, Kaylie, and Anthony
Judges Choice-Kenadi Martin, Ashlyn Stucki, Luke Phillips
Overalls- Kenadie Martin, Peyton Popwell, Luke Phillips, Kinlee, Kaylee, and Anthony, Samantha Davis

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah- 1st place, Best Showmanship, 4th overall
Wonderful World-1st place, Best Costume
Lanterns Lit-1st place, Best Choreography
Give into the Moment-3rd place
Broke a Check-2nd Place
Where the Light Gets In-4th place
Run the World-3rd Place, Best Costume
Let’s Go to Disney-High Gold
Dum De Dum- 2nd
The Cave-2nd, Best Choreography
Surprise Yourself-2nd
Beautiful Undone-1st, Best Technique, Best Choreography
When the Ship Goes Down-2nd
Rule The World-2nd
Wonder Party-1st, Best Costume, Best Showmanship
Ms. Carter-2nd
Boss-1st, Best Costume
Escalate-1st, Best Choreography, 3rd Overall
Rise-1st, Best Showmanship, Best Choreography, Best of Show and High Point
Panda Swine-1st, 5th Overall
Grease LIVE-Platinum, Best Showmanship



Dare 2 Dance Highlights

2nd Overall High Point Sweepstakes Studio

Studio Award fo Unique Choreography

Clean Sweep of 1sts for Senior Legacy Elite Routines

1st Place Boss

1st Place Wonder Party

1st Place Pressure

1st Place Run The World

1st Place Give Into The Moment

2nd Place Ms. Carter

2nd Place Escalate

1st Place The Cave

1st Place Surprise Yourself

1st Place Beautiful Undone

2nd Place Escalate

1st Place Lets Go To Disney

1st Place Grease Live

1st Place Panda Swine

2nd Place Rise

1st Place Goodbye

1st Place Intuition

1st Place Lanterns Lit

1st Place Broke A Check

2nd Place Wonderful World