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Little Performers
Enthusiastic and skilled instructors teach your little dancers (3-5 years old) the basics of jazz, ballet, and tap while incorporating adorable costuming, fun performances, and friendship building experiences. Add-on class suggestion is Pre tumbling.
Cost: $39/month ($25 registration)
Costuming:  $125 (includes tights)
Warm up jacket and t-shirt available



Educated and encouraging instructors teach your little tumblers (3-5 years old) about conditioning, flexibility, and basic gymnastic floor elements while incorporating social activities, improving listening skills, and creating adorable friendships.
Cost: $39/month ($25 registration), or available as a discounted add-on class.



Little Gems 
A solid foundation of jazz and lyrical training for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade dancers is the basis for this class, with a focus on beginning level competition and teamwork, all in a positive and hard-working environment. Add on class suggestions Tech 1 or Acro 1.
Cost:  $39/month ($25 registration)
Costuming:  $150
Competition:  $160
Choreography:  $50



Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds
Auditioned dancers refine their jazz and lyrical skills in a positive and hard-working environment, focusing on performance and competition opportunities, while building relationships and staying physically active.
Cost: $90/month (Emeralds) $90/month (Diamonds)
Costuming:  $150
Competition: $200
Choreography: varies



Dynamite, Titanium, and Diamonds Hip-Hop
Beginning to intermediate hip-hop dancers enjoy a fast-paced, routine-based class focusing on learning skills and choreography while preparing for performances and appropriate competitions.
Cost: varies with the number of classes being taken
Costuming:  $75
Competition:  varies
Choreography:  varies



Little Pearls
Our Showcase teams get a positive introduction into the dance world. Performances and Costumes without the added cost of competitition
Cost: $39/month
Costuming:  $150
Performances:  $90
Choreography:  $50



Legacy Elite Teams/Line routines
Advanced auditioned dancers attend and compete in national conventions and competitions.  The focus is on refining all styles of dance, experiencing multiple opportunities in the world of dance, and creating a lifelong work ethic, while embodying Eagle Rock Dance core values and creating lasting relationships.
Cost: varies
Costuming:  varies
Competition:  varies
Choreography:  varies



A positive introduction and progression of hip-hop training, focusing on building memory, coordination, agility, strength, and flexibility designed for boys 11 and under.
Cost:  $39/month, or available as a discounted add-on class.
Costuming:  $75
Competition:  $75
Choreography:  $25



Boys Sports Conditioning
A class designed to make your little man sleep at night!  Hustle is the name of the game in this interactive class focused on building skills aimed for success in sports.
Cost: $39/month ($25 registration), or available as a discounted add-on class. 



Acro classes are offered in four skill levels and focus on combining the elements of floor exercises in gymnastics with creative acrobatic dance elements with an emphasis on hyper-flexibility. 
Cost: $39/month, or available as a discounted add-on class. 



Ballet is a timeless dance style and essential for serious dancers.  Ballet is offered in four different skill levels, and as the foundation of dance, is absolutely required for competitive jazz and lyrical dancers.
Cost: $39/month, or available as a discounted add-on class.



Tech is based in jazz, while incorporating elements of modern, jazz, improvisational, acro, and traditional dance skills.  This class has a focus on proper technical execution of skills and is offered in five different levels.
Cost: $39/month, or available as a discounted add-on class.